Quilt Fuse and Steam-A-Seam Offer Benefits for Most Easy Quilt Kits

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Published: 24th January 2011
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Few of us have ever heard a friend express interest in making life more difficult. Craft projects are no exception. This is the major reason that quilt kits offer interesting features for even the most experienced quilter. The experts at Whims offer the perfect solution to crafters looking for a solution to putting together a quilt project very quickly. People who purchase Quilt Fuse and Steam-A-Seam from Whims can create their own appliqu patterns that are as convenient as those found in the watercolor quilt kits, but with individual flare. When artistic concerns are more important than the ease of an easy quilt kit, it is time to order non-kit items from the Whims Inc. website.

People who have never used these quilting materials and improved tools should order one of the watercolor quilt kits in order to learn the best techniques of modern quilting before taking on more difficult projects. After becoming comfortable with using these quick methods, most people easily begin to create their own quilt patterns or those supplied by Whims. Make no mistake about it products like Quilt Fuse and Steam-A-Seam offer help that will simplify any busy quilter's life.

Get great results with Quilt Fuse. The pre-printed lines on Quilt Fuse allow for perfect iron on placement with straight 1/4-inch seams that provide both instant gratification and perfection. Even uneven or slightly imperfect cutting will not mar the effect since the pre-printed lines are perfect enough to compensate. Only the heat of an ordinary clothes iron is needed to fuse the 2-inch squares of quilting fabric in place. When all of the squares are carefully placed, the vertical row is then folded over and the 1/4-inch seam is sown with a simple straight stitch sewing machine. A low cost sewing machine is all that is needed for this simple process. Follow the same procedure along the horizontal seams to produce a basic quilt top for truly little effort or time involvement.

Steam-A-Seam takes the ease of fuse on one side and combines it with the added benefit of cloth adhesive on the other. This makes applique patterns very simple to use. Remove the paper that covers the adhesive, Then place the applique quilt pieces flat. Next, iron the applique over the sewn quilt top. Use a satin stitch or another decorative stitch to finish the applique pieces edges. Watercolor quilt kits come with complete instructions to make this process become as easy and natural as putting on shoes.

Unique watercolor quilt kits from Whims provide hours of relaxing and fascinating crafting. The benefits of other pastimes like puzzles or ceramics pale when you consider the functionality of quilting. These easy quilt kits come with applique fabrics, 2-inch watercolor fabric squares, instructions, and patterns, of the finest quality that meet or exceed the products available on other websites. Look into the wide selection of quilters' supplies like watercolor strips and the variety of kits like the Block of the Month kits in order to add depth to an already wonderful pastime.

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